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TELA Continual Professional Development, Research and Development

TELA Continual Professional Development

Thomas Estley Learning Alliance engages locally, regionally and nationally in Continuous Professional Development including Research & Development, to support, maintain and develop outstanding teaching, learning and leadership in our alliance schools.

The college has led training both within Leicestershire and nationally for a number of years, including leading conferences for the National College, delivering courses for national providers and providing case study material for the Department for Education, as well as our recent and extensive teaching school alliance offer.  Our programmes cover the whole spectrum of Teaching and Learning and Leadership and are targeted at all teaching professionals, from School Experience students, through RQT talent management into leadership roles up to and including System Leadership and Executive Headship, as well as a set of programmes targeted at non-teaching staff. Our aim is promote excellence and to grow talent within Leicestershire schools, with training and embedded research opportunities provided and facilitated by Thomas Estley Learning Alliance partners within a genuinely collaborative partnership with learners and successful learner outcomes firmly at the heart.

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For more information or any queries please contact Jo Robotham, Teaching School Administrator 01455 283 263


TELA Research and Development

Closing the Gap: Test and Learn, a rigorously implemented national research project funded by the National College, provides grants to work with schools to improve the national evidence base for the effectiveness of interventions in closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils, while simultaneously stimulating robust research and development in schools. 750 schools from 190 teaching school alliances are involved in the project.

Year One: 2013-14: Numicon at Cosby Primary School (contact Tracey Withers,

Focus: Improving outcomes for disadvantaged lower attainers in Maths in Year Three

Project: After initial screening tests which identify a focus group and potential gaps in mathematical understanding, twinned with regional training for teachers involved in the project, implement a twelve week programme of Numicon intervention. Numicon is a multi-sensory approach to mathematics, using apparatus to consolidate children’s understanding of number representation and relationships, spot patterns and work collaboratively to make and apply generalisations and to solve problems.

Outcomes: A set of positive outcomes emerged from the project, including:

  • Enhanced enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for Maths, including a growing determination to persevere towards understanding and an eagerness to do Maths.
  • Increased confidence for the weakest pupils.
  • Structured opportunities for teachers to go back and fill in gaps in knowledge for a firmer foundation in mathematical understanding.
  • Concrete links for abstract principles supporting mastery of concepts and gains in understanding.
  • Focus group pupils, with a history of less than expected progress before the project, making expected progress at the end of the project and more targeted pupils working at age related expectations in maths.
  • Useful data to contribute to the national research project and useful feedback from national analysis. 

Year Two: 2014-15: Positive Mind Growth Sets intervention at Thomas Estley Community College (contact Maxine Young )

Focus: Improving outcomes for disadvantaged lower attainers in Year Seven

Project: After initial regional training for teachers involved in the project in Spring Term 2015, implement a programme to support the development of a growth mindset (the core belief that abilities are malleable and not fixed) in order to support and improve learning-oriented behaviours.

Outcomes: Outcomes will be monitored and evaluated through external online testing and pupil and parent questionnaires, as well as through the college’s usual feedback procedures and assessment data input analysis.

Classroom Action Research Teachmeet

A series of classroom action research based innovations are taking place across many of the alliance schools and college, with an annual teachmeet to share best practice.


We also offer ;

TELA :Secondary School Experience Placements.

Providing tailored school experience for candidates considering entering the teaching profession .Spend between one and ten days in a secondary school environment and benefit from a carefully crafted programme of opportunities and inputs. Individual days available across the academic year or our block 8 day programme runs three times each year.

TELA :Secondary School Direct Initial Teacher Training.

Providing a PGCE with masters credits &  Qualified Teacher Status with supplementary, talent growing training and a family ethos; only the best need apply!

For more information or any queries please contact Jo Robotham, Teaching School Administrator 01455 283 263



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