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Although externally accredited examinations are not taken during the first three years spent at Thomas Estley, there are a number of important examinations and targeted work which provide snapshots of progress to share with students, parents, teachers and also, during Year Nine, with upper schools.

Key Stage Three examinations also provide an opportunity to work on revision and examination technique, a chance to practise for later formal examinations in exam halls, and a platform to develop skills for dealing positively with pressure and deadlines.

Year Seven Year Eight Year Nine
Spelling and reading tests September Summer
Baseline Cognitive ability test September
Regular end of topic tests Ongoing through the year Ongoing through the year Ongoing through the year
Regular assessed pieces of work Ongoing through the year Ongoing through the year Ongoing through the year
Formal examinations May Just before Easter break February, in examination hall conditions
GCSE assessed work GCSE type assessment opportunities

GCSE examinations take place at the end of Year Eleven and controlled assessment during the course has been phased out of almost all subject areas.

Specifications are currently being finalised for the 2016 start and more information will be published here in Autumn 2016.

KS4 Intervention Sessions

Planned lunch time / after school intervention sessions for all Year 10 students to help you achieve your maximum potential at GCSE can be found here

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