Thomas Estley Community College


At Thomas Estley, we are proud of our students, who achieve success in every arena. We have high expectations of attitude, work and achievements which are consistently fulfilled. Some quotes from our recent OFSTED inspection sum up many of our student expectations and achievements.

‘There is a consistently improving trend in attainment indicators for all individual groups of students, including those with special educational needs. The number of students making two National Curriculum levels of progress is consistently and significantly above expected levels and the value added between Key Stages 2 and 3 puts the college among the top performing schools nationally.

Judgements about other pupil outcomes contribute significantly to their exceptional achievement.

Students feel safe, secure, supported and valued. Excellent behaviour ensures that students remain on task and are eager to achieve. Students understand how to lead healthy lives.

All students spoke enthusiastically about the wide range of opportunities they have to contribute to their school and the wider community. They are surprisingly well informed about community cohesion, how they can contribute and what the impact of their actions is on its success.

High attendance means that students are able to improve the progress they make in their learning.

Students exhibit, well-developed personal, social, communication and thinking skills and enterprise and financial capability.

Students exemplify one of the college’s core values – a community built on mutual respect.’

(OFSTED, 2010)

Built by our bare hands.