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Supporting Student Wellbeing/Safeguarding Information

Supporting Student Wellbeing/Safeguarding Information

How do we support students’ welfare and emotional Well-Being?

School Counsellor, Mindfulness intervention,Year 10 male focused workshop strategies for a healthy lifestyle, open door policy, bespoke timetable for most vulnerable, Raising awareness with students and staff, SSAT Peer mentoring programme,  HUMANUTOPIA – External agency involvement, A designated zone to support students on all aspects of their emotional well-being


Positive Mental Health Policy Positive Mental Health Policy
How do Thomas Estley Support Student Wellbeing – Information for Parents/Carers Supporting the Wellbeing of students at Thomas Estley – Booklet

For further information on aspects of mental health and how we support our students please contact the following staff:

Cathy Cornelius-Vice Principal/Safeguarding lead

Gemma Cooper – Pastoral Manger/First Aid Trained

Emilia Plumb- SENCo/ First Aid Trained



Safeguarding Information

Keeping all our students safe is absolutely central to our work. As a college we work hard to ensure that all students are highly educated in how to keep themselves safe both at college and in society.

Safeguarding is at the heart of the school’s work including for those who follow an alternative curriculum or are at risk of it. Leaders leave no stone unturned in their quest to get the best possible care for the children under their care. Leaders know and understand the needs of children at risk and they use this knowledge to forge strong and productive relationships with them.’ (Peer Challenge, April 2018)

A full safeguarding and child protection training programme is delivered to all staff on a three yearly basis. In addition there is refresher training at the start of each academic year and each member of staff receives a pack of information that they have to sign for. Local authority updates are shared with all staff and Governors each term.
All staff and Governors have been given full PREVENT training in response to the government’s extremism agenda. Staff are fully aware on how to identify students who may be receptive to extremist grooming of all different types.
Staff who join Thomas Estley part way through an academic year receive 1:1 training from the Safeguarding Lead and an information pack.
All our students are encouraged to talk to an adult if they feel that they, or a friend, are at risk of harm.
Our safeguarding lead is Cathy Cornelius (Vice Principal), supported by Miss Cooper, our Pastoral Manager/Wellbeing lead, but in addition there are a large number of staff who are safeguarding lead trained including all team leaders and Positive Behaviour Mentors. This enables us to ensure that there is always someone available for young people to turn to in a time of need.



Please see links below for additional Safeguarding information:


Child Protection Policy September 2018


Parents guide to online safety

Peer on Peer abuse policy –Appendix 8 Chid Protection policy

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 16-18

Keeping_Children_Safe_in_Education_3 Sept_2018

Top tips of online safety


Recording incidents of unkind behaviour


Anti-Bullying-Policy 18-20

Information in FGM

Substance Misuse Policy 17-19

What external agencies do we engage with in order to support our young people?

We seek extensive external support when required to ensure the emotional well-being of all our students. Working in partnership with parents and external agencies is paramount to ensure positive mental health of students at Thomas Estley

Agency Involvement

The Bridge

Jasmine House

Self Harm pathways

Turning points


School nurse

Social services





Need help with any issues?


A member of the Pastoral team will email you back (in school hours) with advice and/or support.

Friendship issues, incidents of unkind behaviour, low mood, issues at school etc…



The Government has launched a new on-line portal of information on extremism and radicalisation. It contains support for those who are concerned about someone with content for Parents, Teachers and School Leaders. The website and its content are available at

Students are our college have opportunity to discuss issues around this topic.  In September our year 8 students will have the opportunity to watch the ‘Going to Extremes’ production.

If you require any further information on the PREVENT agenda please contact Mrs Cornelius

Child Sexual Exploitation

What is child sexual exploitation?

Child sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse. Victims are manipulated or forced into taking part in a sexual act, either as part of a seemingly consensual relationship, or in return for attention, gifts, money,alcohol, drugs or somewhere to stay.

We highlight the dangers of CSE with all our students through assemblies.  All our students watched the ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ Production in 2016. Prior to the student performance parents and carers were invited into school for a question/answer session with local police officers.

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