Thomas Estley Community College

Staff contacts

Useful contact details for staff at the college


Mandi Collins, Principal

Cathy Cornelius, Vice Principal, Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour Lead

Rich Fegan, Vice Principal, Curriculum Lead,

Janine Hartley, Assistant Principal, Year 11 Lead,

Beth Clements (Assitant Principal, Year 11 Lead,

Maxine Young, Assistant Principal,

Ian O’Flynn, Assistant Principal, Director of Teaching School,

Emilia Plumb, Inclusion Lead, Head of Music,

Queries from parents and members of the public should be directed to: or, if urgent, by phone call to reception: 01455 283263


Jon Boden, Pastoral Head of Thomas,

Gemma Cooper, Pastoral Manager,

Tracy Gaskin, Pastoral co-Head of Estley,

Sarah Lee, Pastoral Head of Thorpe,

Nick Robinson, Pastoral Head of Sutton,



Adam Hutchinson, Core Curriculum Leader Maths,

Stephanie Anderson, Curriculum Leader Foreign Languages,

David Ansley, Core Curriculum Leader Science,

Louise Burnett, Curriculum Leader Textiles,

Hayley Briggs, Core Curriculum Leader English,

Victoria Geraghty, Subject Leader Citizenship,

Simon Hancock, Subject Leader History,

Mark Hardy, Subject Leader Computing,

Gary Place, Subject Leader Drama,

Sarah Poolley, Subject Leader Food,

Petrus Schalkwyk, Subject Leader Geography,

Emma Strudwick, Subject Leader Art,

Amber Colquhoun, MFL, Careers Lead,

Bethan Hart, Science, KS3 Science Coordinator,

Sarah Kavanagh, PE, KS3 Core PE Subject Leader,



Danielle Bancroft, Dance,

Claire Bodycote, Science,

Carlyn Bryan, Business Studies,

Anthony Jackson, Geography,

Emma Little, 2nd in  English,

Sue Ducey, Maths,

John Esomu, Computing,

Simon Gladwin, Maths,

Matt Curry, Maths,

Lucy Pole, English,

Celine Guery, MFL,

Helen Hutchinson, Science,

Matt Draycott, Science,

Michelle Keight, ADT,

Luke Hillman, Science, (More Able Lead)

Chrissy Knight, ADT,

Sarah Lee, English,

Jane Martin, ASDAN,

Janet Neal, ADT,

Stuart Norris, Maths,

Lucy Pole, English,

Christopher Preece, Geography,

Nicholas Robinson, PE,

Sarah Rotimi, Science,

Munny Virk, PE,

Rachel Taylor, Maths,

Ronnie Waterfield, Music,

Annie Corbett, English,

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