Thomas Estley Community College


Inclusion (SEN)

Inclusion & Individual Needs

Our aim at Thomas Estley is to ensure that every child, whatever their individual needs, has access to the full curriculum and that provision is made to help young people feel that they are in every way a part of the college life.

The progress of every child with Special Educational Needs is monitored by our Assistant Principal for Inclusion/SENCO.  We liaise closely with parents, tutors, teachers and other external agencies, in order to support the most vulnerable students.

When transferring  from Key Stage 2 to Thomas Estley we liaise closely with the Primary Schools to ensure the transition is as supportive as possible.  There are the opportunity for small group visits, Inclusion fun days, science crest award for transition and the Lets get Cooking Programme to introduce them to College life in a encouraging and caring way.  We focus strongly on preparing our young people for further study and adult life.


The Centre

Thomas Estley is proud of its long standing links with Birkett House Special School, welcoming young people into mainstream classes and activities.

Our unique provision incorporates a permanent base for Key Stage Three students registered with Birkett House.  The college believes that all learners should be offered exciting challenges and opportunities regardless of ability.  The Centre is a beacon of excellence for inclusion both locally and nationally using a personalised learning approach creating a bespoke timetable for the learners needs.

Built by our bare hands.