Thomas Estley Community College



OFSTED 2010 judged the college to be outstanding. Some quotes from the inspection can be found below.

“A forward-looking, innovative, aspirational and ambitious College.”

“Excellent behaviour ensures students remain on task and are eager to achieve.”

“The outstanding quality of teaching and good assessment contributes significantly to the outstanding quality of students’ achievement and other outcomes.”

“Students exemplify one of the College’s core values – a community built on mutual respect.”


PEER CHALLENGE 2015 also judged the college to be outstanding. Some quotes from the inspection can be found below.

“Leaders and governors have created a culture of high expectations, encapsulated in the motto, ‘Excellence in all that we do’. This ethos permeates all aspects of college life, leading to outstanding outcomes for the vast majority of students. Leaders and governors share a clear vision for moving the college forward to become an outstanding 11-16 school and have put in place robust plans, clearly understood by all stakeholders, in order to achieve this.”

“The college is welcoming and community focussed. Relationships between staff and students are exemplary and are based on mutual respect.”  

“The curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive. Students quickly develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will equip them for future study and enable them to become fulfilled and active citizens. The curriculum develops creativity, self-confidence, leadership skills and maturity. It enables students to work well independently and collaboratively. The enthusiastic and varied approach to learning fosters a thirst for learning amongst students and leads to outstanding progress in many areas.”

“Staff plan lessons well, resulting in lessons where students regularly display a love of learning and a willingness to be curious. Interactive science and maths lessons in Years 7 and 9 challenged students via carousel activities. Skilful questioning in subjects such as drama and English meant students were able to develop their ideas and express their opinions clearly, whilst the pride shown by students in practical subjects such as art and design and music illustrated their extremely positive attitudes to learning.”

“Students are very proud of their school and the achievements they make, as a result of a culture which promotes and values the learners as individuals. Students are confident, self-assured and have excellent attitudes to learning which means that the college is a settled place conducive to learning.”

“Students understand the importance of their education, particularly in Year 9. Teachers are preparing students well for next stage in their education including the demands of GCSE courses. Almost all students are enthusiastic and engaged in their learning, which results in a happy and secure place to study, and are looking forward to their future steps.”

“Conduct in the college is impeccable with no incident of poor behaviour witnessed in classrooms or in the corridors. Senior leaders and staff are high profile in the school and maintain high standards and expectations in the corridors. In lessons students are self-disciplined even when tasks are extremely open. Excellent standards of behaviour have been maintained over time, as shown by low levels of exclusion even amongst disadvantaged students.”

Inspection Report

To read the full inspection report from October 2010 please click the link below.

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