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Thomas Estley Community College is dedicated to providing an enriching, excellent quality comprehensive community education service for all learners and the wider community.

We ensure that learning is engaging and effective through establishing consistently high quality teaching and learning, and aim to develop our students into positive citizens through our enriched curriculum. Thomas Estley will ensure that every student fulfils their potential, enjoys their learning experience and develops a positive set of values, personal learning and thinking skills to set them up for a successful future.

Thomas Estley has an excellent reputation, locally and nationally, for its innovative and high quality curriculum,  chosen by the national curriculum authority as a case study and a source of excellent practice for other schools. We at Thomas Estley are extremely proud of our innovative curriculum, delivering skills for life and work through a range of subject specialisms and cross-curricular modules. We work closely with feeder primary schools and local secondary schools to ensure smooth transition from primary to secondary through to sixth form for our students, with collaborative planning and provision particularly focussed in Years 6-7 and throughout Key Stage Four.

Extra Curricular Activities

All students have access to extra-curricular activities including foreign and British residentials, ski and sports trips, visits to enhance the curriculum, fieldwork, sports fixtures, clubs in every curriculum area, music and drama clubs and performances, links abroad and other special interest clubs and activities. These take place after school and during school lunchtimes.

Targeted provision

Students who would benefit from extra support generally or in particular curriculum areas can access ASDAN modules, lifeskills provision , long or short term projects, study and learning support within the curriculum and through targeted visits and clubs.

Students who would benefit from extension and stretching generally or in particular curriculum areas can access gifted and talented provision within and outside of lessons, including visits, challenges, competitions, clubs, chances to lead and to teach, and to showcase their talent.

Curriculum Structure in Years Seven to Nine


English Language and Literature, incorporating speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and including opportunities to attend a Shakespeare themed trip in Year Eight and a London Theatre trip in Year Nine. Our Media Module allows students to explore a wider range of real world communication.


Involving basic skills, practical and investigational work, often taught through ICT. Offered as a Year Nine specialism including focussed trips such as Coding at Bletchley Park, and through our Money Matters module supporting the development of personal finance and functional mathematical skills .


Combining all sciences through physics, chemistry and biology, and enhancing the experience through targeted visits, competitions and use of technology. Space Module and Reproduction Module allow opportunities to explore focus areas of Physics and Biology/ elements of Sex Education in depth to embed knowledge and understanding.  A Year 8/9 Geneva CERN visit completes the offer.

Computing and ICT

Taught through weekly Computing lessons in Year Seven and Eight and fully embedded into cross-curricular tasks and projects in all three years. Computing and Programming is also taught as a Year Nine specialism.

Modern Foreign Languages

French as a main language, with Spanish as a subsidiary, incorporating speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, with links abroad including residentials in Paris and Belgium. Focus on Europe Module allows students to independently explore a range of languages and cultures.


Including the Key Stage Three History and Geography curriculum, with fieldwork trips including history and geography based linked daytrips to Conkers Conservation Centre, Warwick Castle and the Beth Shalom Memorial Centre. Conservation Module is a key element supporting development of personal responsibility and real life application of geography.

Art, Design & Technology

Incorporating Art and Design, Textiles, Ceramics, Food Technology, Resistant Materials and computer aided design and manufacture, with many links to local engineering firms and artists, including visits. Engineering and ArtsAward are offered as a Year Nine specialism and a Design in Industry Module allows students to explore the real life application of skills developed through the course.


Music in Years Seven and Eight for all, offered as a Year Nine Specialism and offering many visits, performances and the chance to learn instruments and voice, in and out of the classroom, including opera trip, orchestra and many singing and instrumental clubs. Drama in all yeargroups and offered as a Year Nine Specialism, with visits, performances and a residential theatre trip to London. China and Africa modules offer the chance to combine the exploration of Performing Arts within a cultural context with cross-curricular themed learning.

Physical Education

Many sports including football, rugby, netball, basketball, athletics, outdoor and adventurous sports and gymnastics, as well as skill development and health related fitness. Offered as a Year Nine Specialism, including sports leadership and a host of teams, competitions, coaching and experiences. An outdoor adventure residential and a ski trip complete the offer. Year Seven and Nine Health modules allow students to explore how sport can be embedded into everyday life choices.

CRE (Citizenship and Religious Education)

All aspects of citizenship, personal social and health education and personal development, as well as careers and option guidance. Team Challenge is offered as a Year Nine Specialism; there are many chances within and out of the curriculum to participate in local volunteering, community leadership and to take on myriad responsibilities within a variety of arenas. Young Enterprise Module allows students to form their own company, develop a product and sell it to benefit charities. Religious Education allows students to consider a range of religious views and current /relevant topics and visits to places of worship. A debating club and award winning Magistrates Club enhance the offer. Spirit of Leicester Module supports exploration of local cultures and religious practices, while exploring the application of British values within a multicultural setting.

Careers and guidance

As well as academic mentoring and options guidance, students benefit from a range of targeted opportunities. These include a focus month enhanced by a range of events, Careers Day in Year Eight, and plethora of links with the local and wider community ensuring that visitors into college and visits out of college are frequent and embedded in all curriculum areas. Individual careers and guidance interviews and a range of STEM targeted opportunities further enhance the offer.

GCSE curriculum

Students study a core curriculum and four options from a wide range customised to suit a range of interests and abilities. Almost all students will study nine full GCSE subjects as well as an additional short course GCSE in Philosophy and Ethics.

Core subjects – studied by all students

English Language, GCSE

English Literature, GCSE

Mathematics, GCSE

Double Science, GCSE

Religious Studies, GCSE (Short course)

Physical Education, Core (no examination)

Additional options

Art and Design: Fine Art, GCSE

ASDAN Cope, Award

Business Studies, GCSE

Citizenship, GCSE

Computer Science, GCSE

D&T Resistant Materials, GCSE

D&T Textiles, GCSE

Dance, GCSE

Drama, GCSE

Economics, GCSE

Food Technology, GCSE

French, GCSE

Geography, GCSE

Health and Social Care, Cambridge National Level 2

History, GCSE

Information Technology, Certificate in Digital Applications

Music, GCSE

Physical Education, GCSE

Psychology, GCSE

Separate Sciences, 3 GCSEs

Spanish, GCSE

Download our Options Prospectus for more options and subject information.

Curriculum enhancement

As well as a range of enrichment activities, educational fieldwork and targeted curriculum opportunities, students will benefit from focus experience input around study and revision skills, careers advice and support, English and Maths extension and consolidation support and a range of preparation experiences for study and work post 16.

KS4 Intervention Sessions

Planned lunch time / after school intervention sessions for all Year 10/11 students to help you achieve your maximum potential at GCSE can be found here.

Twilight 7

In order to support high attainment and progress we have a daily targeted Year 11 session which runs from 3.10pm – 4.10pm.  Students are invited to attend these progress workshops if they are in need of additional support in curriculum areas or need additional time to complete practical elements of their GCSE course.  Parents and students can also request to attend these additional sessions.  Parents are notified of these sessions via parentmail and students are informed the week prior in tutor time.

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