Thomas Estley Community College


Bad Weather Procedures

Bad weather, especially snow causes all sorts of difficulties in school. If we have to take the decision to close the following arrangements are in place to notify parents and students.

The large number of our students come to school by bus therefore we must take into consideration the feasibility of buses being able to access the school. The health and safety of our students are a priority and if we do not think the buses will be able to get through safely the school may have to close.

If a decision is taken to close the school early in the morning, then this will be announced on BBC Radio Leicester 104.9FM.

BBC Radio Leicester will broadcast the information on their breakfast programme between 6:00am to 09:00am and also on their website (look up ‘School Closures’). They will also have up-to-date weather forecasts and travel news throughout the day.

When large numbers of schools are closing updates on the BBC website maybe delayed. Therefore we encourage all parents to have at least one contact set up on our Parentmail2 system as we will also send an email and text message to all contacts should the decision to close be taken. (details on registering with Parentmail2 can be found by searching “Parentmail2”)

In the event that students have been able to come to school in the morning, but we are forced to close early because of extreme weather – the arrangements are as follows:

We will send a text message and email to all parents who are registered with our Parentmail2 system.

Once the decision to close has been taken, we will put a message on the school website Updates will also be posted as available

Parents should share a contingency plan with your son/daughter as to who they should contact/ where to go (if not home) if the school has to close early for whatever reason and if no one would be at home. (We also recommend this to parents if their son/daughter travels in of a morning on the bus and for whatever reason they don’t get it. Eg pupil late/ bus doesn’t show up)

It is impossible for the school to telephone every parent to inform them of early closure so please ensure your child knows exactly what to do in this event.


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