Thomas Estley Community College


Thomas Estley Community College is dedicated to providing an enriching, excellent quality comprehensive community education service for all learners and the wider community. We ensure our learning is fun with our high quality teaching and learning as well as developing our students into positive citizens through our enriched curriculum.

Thomas Estley will ensure that every student fulfils their potential, enjoys their learning experiences and develops a positive set of values, personal learning and thinking skills. If you would like to know more about Thomas Estley College, why not download our latest prospectus or ofsted report? It includes everything from our successes and achievements, to how we work with you and your children to help them achieve. The Department for Education’s Performance Table can also be viewed by following this link

Help & Support

At Thomas Estley Community College the Every Child Matter agenda lays the foundations of the Support that is offered to all of our young people.

Vertical tutor groups ensure a smooth settling in period for all new students. The Team structure creates manageable sized groups giving a sense of identity and belonging.

Throughout the school there are a variety of different groups and support programmes that benefit and support all of our pupils needs. Clubs such as; Brush Strokes, Walking groups, Homework Clubs, Peer Mentor Programme, Handwriting support, Book Worms, Spelling support, Gifted and Talented, Adult Mentors.

Thomas Estley works closely with a number of outside agencies, such as the School Nurse and Educational Welfare Officer. Some of these deliver bespoke programmes within school such as; YISP – behaviour management, New Directions, Locality Support Team and Reality Projects.

Feeder Primary Schools

Thomas Estley College draws pupils not only from Broughton Astley, but also from the nearby villages of Cosby and Whetstone. We also serve a wider rural neighbourhood that includes villages of Claybrooke, Croft, Dunton Bassett, Frolesworth, Leire, Sapcote and Stoney Stanton.


Working with Parents

We work in collaboration with parents in many ways, and are always looking for opportunities to strengthen links with the home. These currently include, but not exclusively:

Parents Evenings and consultations focussed on progress, targets, support and information sharing. Communication through each student’s organiser between parents and teachers, on an ongoing basis. Regular communications home,e-mailed through ParentMail2 (see below) and paper based as appropriate. These include a Parents Calendar and a regular newsletter.

Phonecalls and meetings as appropriate to share information and discuss issues.

Termly Parents Forum – an open network for parents to meet with the college senior leadership team, find out information and provide extra feedback.

Family learning projects such as Working Together (an annual family mentoring and learning project targeting students), as well as targeted coffee mornings and feedback events.

The college Facebook page to showcase achievements and a photo gallery.

The College also uses ParentMail2 to allow on-line payments. At the start of each academic year new pupils will be issued with a registration letter. If you require further information, please contact the school office.

Parental Responsibility

Statutory requirements regarding signatures on the college admission form and other Permission Forms state that the signature must be from an adult with Legal Responsibility for the child concerned.

Safety Online

For more information for your child’s safety online, please download our ‘purely for parents‘ guidance sheet. If you would like to download the pupils internet version, this is also available to download.


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